NASA confirms the existence of a habitable planet outside the Solar System

NASA confirms the existence of a habitable planet outside the Solar System
The U.S. space agency NASA announced that the Kepler space telescope for the first time confirmed the existence of a planet habitable outside the solar system. The Kepler 22b , first detected in 2009 and located about 600 light years from Earth .

Confirmation means that astronomers saw him pass in front of its star three times and that the conditions for life are adequate in terms of water , temperature and atmosphere . But it means that astronomers know for sure that there really is life there.

Kepler 22b is 2.4 times the radius of the Earth, which includes it in the group of planets called “superterrestres” and revolves around a star similar to the Sun every 290 days , its surface temperature is 22 degrees Celsius , but it is unknown if the planet is rocky, gaseous or liquid.

The Kepler space telescope, which cost NASA about 600 million of U.S. dollars , is equipped with the largest camera ever sent into space and is expected to continue sending data to Earth until at least November 2012 .

Motorola RAZR arrives in Argentina

Motorola RAZR arrives in Argentina is an original post: Gizmodo (cc)

Finally, the rumor was made ​​official and it came to Argentina the new Motorola RAZR from the hand of Staff who has a presale price of $ 1999 for new lines with Black Personal Plan.

And I think it is worth noting that only 45 after officially announcing USA already announced and pre-and final price in Argentina with an operator in a sense we have almost all newer smartphones on the market and announced or is being landed on the market.

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I was waiting for this launch because Motorola needs an icon and desperately needs all have one flagship phone: Apple with its iPhone 4S, Samsung with its Galaxy S2, with its Blackberry 9900, Nokia N9 or its Lumia 800 … continue waiting for Motorola ya it was weird? so the launch of a brand means to them huge revenues for years is not bad … but this brings a big question is this the definitive Motorola clamshell as he was in his time?

I sincerely doubt if I check the most important specifications of the team …

Gingerbread Android 2.3.5
Display of 4, 3 “Super AMOLED QHD
Gorilla Glass
Weight 127g
7, 1mm thick
1 dual-core processor, 2 GHz OMAP4430
1GB of RAM
8 megapixel camera with film to 1080p
1780 mAh battery lasting for 12, 5 hours talk and 8, 9 hours of video playback
Motorola Webtop software to connect to Lapdock
Bluetooth 4.0
16GB internal storage
16GB MicroSD memory
HDMI Output
… I see strong competition from the rest of the market but I think the best team is in some ways as the system runs the computer battery to optimize the use of certain functions and to the Atrix Lapdock that seemed good but I I saw few times in the Real World? and I think that ultimately, the key will be if they can be attractive interface seriously .. I prefer a phrase that was clear Greco Germain (and it came out on video and in the press release): “In its original version, Motorola RAZR managed to turn a functional need an object of desire. And now we have returned to achieved with the creation of this incredibly compact smartphone with a really attractive design that lets you take your life with you all the time ”

And I think that’s where Motorola to should aim instead to look at both benefits and technical definitions that are now a commodity in high-end equipment.

Experiences: How to improve Ubuntu? / Novato

Ubuntu like any distribution Linux , is far from perfect. The problem we have now is the new Unity interface that so many entries in this blog already occupied. This new interface for Ubuntu so criticized by many and loved by few at the fact that Ubuntu distribution becomes less attractive for both users novice and for those with more time on Linux.

Linux users are generally characterized by one thing: like the customization . This is the first issue of Unity, barely can be customized. In principle Ubuntu 12.04 will customize an official tool for Unity but we can solve this problem with third-party solutions . Anyway this is not the only problem with Ubuntu.

Perhaps in this post is a bit cruel Ubuntu and the community working on it but I think it’s good that distribution problems to troubleshoot.

Another Ubuntu problem you have with this new Unity Shell is that it costs far managed between windows. When you have multiple windows open and you have to copy / paste files or browse the Internet while doing a job, very difficult to move between different windows. Plus you have to do a lot of clicks. First move the mouse to the left to release the bar, now find the program, give a click in order to maximize all windows of that program and finally choose the window you want to use. As if this were not enough, it often happens that you are in a window you want to minimize but not minimized because the lower window is selected and you must first click on the window bar that bothers you, minimize it and then click on the other and again minimized. What a mess!.

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Another thing that should improve Ubuntu Unity interface is that the icons are too large. How can it be that 8 icons to fill the screen?. This is for small screens is not a problem but for 17 or more screens inches is horrible.

The Unity shell also has a very particular messy let all programs. It may be ordered for accessories, internet … but … what is it ready to install programs? All this generates a lot of clutter. In Gnome Shell though a similar interface is all much more orderly . In contrast, in Gnome 2 everything was much more orderly and did not cost much to find a program or make as many clicks. A press applications you already have the entire list of applications ready for use and only to leave the pointer over opened another down . Also you could hide applications that use but you had to be installed and I think that Unity can not be done. I think Ubuntu distribution being a rookie should come with a basic introductory guide. Although Ubuntu comes with the guidance of “help”, I think is quite incomplete. For example the guide we are doing in Ubuntu & free software is much more complete than that which comes with Ubuntu, especially the video tutorials. I think you are missing basic tutorials such as install programs, add repositories, etc.. You do not need to be in Spanish, but the simple fact that it will help the novice.

Ubuntu should also improve performance in terms of some basic programs. Before there was a tool that had the programs that I used in Ubuntu pre-loaded when the system began operating . Do not know if that program now work in this version of Ubuntu but I think it would be interesting to add this feature standard on Ubuntu.

With improved itself to this new interface is that Unity leverages the screen, but the question is … has to do?

And you, what mejoraríais Ubuntu?

XPEDIA mini X10, first encounter with Android

Within Geofumadas plans for 2012 is Android application testing, considering it is an irreversible trend. We know that Apple will always be well positioned at the level of mobile but unlike everything that goes behind the closed circle of Apple, Android will grow inevitable.

So in 2012 we will be leveling what we have shown with the iPad , with equivalent applications. To test this we decided to take a toy from Ericsson that is used to make calls … point , the rest remains to be seen because their size suggests that it is only to be informed, not to browse or to learn tricks to Angry birds .

We refer to the X10 mini XPEDIA Sonny Ericsson, whose premise is to be a device with which you can do everything with one hand is easier said than done aaaaalgo of stretch …

In much the shape of the panels slide navigation and customization is similar to iPhone / iPhone , of course it does not work the same style zoom gesture (not in this, but on the HTC), so when browsing Google Maps have to be clicking one by one.
Very good, Timescape, a space where they can concentrate events such as incoming messages, missed calls, Twitter updates and Facebook …
Practical, has radio, GPS, supports 3G and wi-fi without much return.
The keyboard is tactile in the way that Nokia implemented, although other models comes with a QWERTY that makes you lose the gain of the mini: its size and what he did reach the red dot design awards and EISA Awards.
But the best and the reason we’ve chosen is because their OS is Android, based on the core of Linux and development on a Java framework . Although that company Android Inc. was bought by Google, the creation of the Open Handset Alliance boasts favorable expectations.
Difference between Apple apps and Android apps
The issue can become controversial because half Android fans are fighting for taste and users of Apple with extreme fidelity. But I want to introduce me to serve as a reference when we make comparisons between applications.

Apple’s tyranny born long ago and will not change over time. Steve Jobs just increased litigation and more closed circle. So nothing is left to suffer the features of Apple and enjoy its advantages:

Is well positioned, but an iPhone is worth a pretty penny and the iPad was questioned, dominate the market with a significant share.
Applications rise only after being tested with some level of rigor, so tools are usually good level of security and utility to be worth $ 3, more or less, rather than less.
There is no other way to install them, other than by counting iTunes or directly from the Apple store. Closed, true, but it is what has earned them the advantage of not so easily be pirated and keep the entire operating system.
Who will create an application for mac must pay an annual account of $ 100 not only to raise it but to keep it alive. It looks like the bulls of the past, but it works; Cases 14 million sold in 2010 certified a profitable model, especially because the user of Apple’s used to pay, not a hack.
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In case, the more open Android applications can be created with less rigor but the same is common to find thousands who do not work or are used for everything but productive things. So it is not anarchy, it happens that their growth is such that Amdrpod could be the next Windows That sounds so ugly ! but definitely grow in popularity. Google knows this and so I bet death (ours, not theirs), but it takes time and reliability for businesses to stabilize around as free is unsustainable.

Grow in popularity, it will die free (not open)
It is more open and therefore all companies will bet, not only in development but in sales.
Paid applications mature and survive piracy, it is also expected that the weakness of not being all manufacturing companies to the level of the latest operating system will be resolved as of version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
For now I have only downloaded a few applications, and only to see the message ‘ we are not responsible for the damage they could cause ‘I felt just the feeling of that night came the Farabundo Marti guerrillas to find my father, three o’clock, with pitch pine hunting rifles on and confiscated locally. My legs trembled as the man who had been foreman of the ranch through the house, angry at not finding … 13 years later I found crippled in a hammock, frustrated for not having understood what it meant to the revolution, I felt sorry for me and shook my calves.

It’s the feeling of uncertainty, secure it take less than 13 years to learn to combat the problems of Android, I will not lose relatives in the war y. ..

… Definitely is practical to mini XPEDIA


Skyrim. First Impressions.

A few months ago I was happy but incomplete idea of ​​writing one or more items on Oblivion. The content, far from attempting a critical and rigorous approach to the work of Bethesda so unforgiving that inaugurated this generation, just pretend to give a very particular mine on experiences in the land of Cyrodiil. An experience that I had made so much on terms different to normal in the required on my part an equivalent treatment. Nothing to scrutinize, analyze anything in this regard stiff and poorly understood that “analyze” the media. Time would be entrusted to the softer side of the verb, when to praise, to narrate and to let go more by feelings than by the action adventure featuring Bethesda.


Unfortunately due to time and I could not pay my humble tribute particularly before the start of the majestic Skyrim, as was my intention, but as every cloud has a silver lining and taking advantage of circumstances, redeem me doing the same with the title at hand, which is more than the refinement of the above formula, the culmination and at the same time demand for a classic game style and devastatingly strong and enduring commitment to address these other more dispersed and rapid consumption that are in fashionable lately. Skyrim comes with authority, solvency, spraying a slap any shadow of doubt on which some consider a formula already expired.

It is difficult to write about this experience trying to throw a clear light, clear and objective. It is complicated because the very object of the game is quite different objectives and covers considerations. The purpose of the title, almost certainly that idea that the development team wanted to inject into the game so that he in turn do the same with the player, not reaching the end of a frame or complete a certain number of missions, but form the world that underlies all that inhabit it and live it. Even cediéndote increasingly a leadership that is driven by the demands of the script, everything is so huge that it is impossible desolately never feel anything downtown. In Skyrim, not so much to complete or finish as living, feeling and enjoying.


It is said that the strength of this type of experience is the freedom of action. I would even say more, or at least would adapt that statement. Skyrim strong point is that besides freedom of action, allows you to play according to your own moral. Because with this freedom of action we can refer to either strung, fry and crush every living creature that crosses our path in every way imaginable and just because we can, but it happens here too we can not do any of this and respect all creatures of the forest because it dictates to us our consciousness. In a lot of times we have an alternative. And the alternatives, one way or another, will be present to the point of being applicable to the very purpose of the game, which can be directly ignored in pursuit of a peaceful life, buy a house and used for hunting, blacksmithing, to pick flowers and butterflies while we walk peacefully through the mountains, or build a reputation as thieves, or murderers ruthless bullies within the Dark Brotherhood. A sort of epic second life with magic, dragons and almost infinite possibilities.

If all this we add a degree of involvement may lead us to live the adventures of overacted way to develop our own meta-story, the matter becomes nothing short of unforgettable adventures and different controls (or their feet ) are multiplied, no two items alike in Skyrim. What’s more, everything is unchanged in the adventure is taken care of and much better than in Oblivion basting, all for our journey, whatever route you choose, expires in the most rich and far-reaching as possible. Stories, stories, poems, documents, maps, caves, treasures, caves, tombs, fortifications, castles, towns, lodges, camps, roads, trails, rivers and lakes, anywhere can have someone with something interesting to say or to offer , something that certainly worth doing, or something worth finding. Here, more than any other game, the limits are set by the player himself. It is the player who decides what to do and how to do each time, according to its desires. And it takes a considerable amount of talent that are just as fun and uplifting activities as diverse as going to pick flowers to prepare potions by the warm fire in the home, horseback riding aimlessly, or fighting trolls and dragons under the red light of sunset.


Bethesda’s work, despite being the subject of so much praise and despite our facet literary awakening (another peculiar merit to add) is not at all, without flaws. In fact you have them. And in fact are many and are very noticeable, but I think in this case (and many others) not so much influenced by the existence of these defects, in both quantitative and qualitative, as we care little despite his evidence. Or at least they should not. Skyrim offers an entire universe condensed into a disk. Skyrim gives us the opportunity to live a life in a fantasy world, we can change the car for a steed, the gray-white concrete by mountains, and disputes with everyday jerk is replaced by epic battles against amazing creatures. Skyrim welcomes us and smiles under the watchful eye of their idols of stone, offers us the softer side of the game under some unquestionable aesthetic criteria.

Envelope, evocative and beautiful. So Skyrim. And is that through our horse riding a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm is a spectacle. If while this happens, you are looking sawtooth or other crap, they should retire the game under court order. And is that Skyrim is above all a beautiful experience.

Avoiding the most common attacks on social networks

Since the explosion of Internet, the sites tested different ways to retain visitors

Since the explosion of Internet, the sites tested different ways to retain visitors.

Ever the compass pointed to the portals, blogs and then to the north today is social networking.

The problem is that for the massive come the opportunists, who seek to turn a profit by tricking users common.

What are the most widely used techniques and how to avoid falling into the trap.

The machinery of social engineering tricks are based on all claim to know but that rarely fail. Example: “Get to your message box apparently official Facebook authorizing the button I do not like in your account. Or a warning of account closure or a video that arouses curiosity.

By clicking the unwary is driven to an external site, same as above, but it is a facade, “says Sebastian Bortnik, ESET security expert.

To enter this site Facebook calling keys, and so are subtracted. Once you steal the keys, the possibilities range from infection with malware, data theft or identity theft. “There are no magic solutions, says Bortnik, the key is to think before clicking.

Once usurped the account, you may report abuse by reporting links that offer all the social networks. ”

The desire to promote the popularity of networks has given rise to the Socialbots, programs that simulate real profiles but are in fact a fraud.

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These replicants are able to achieve a basic interaction, I like to spread among its victims and to avoid suspicion, sent about 25 applications a day.

Once accepted, devoted to collecting data for the unwary sailors to bombard them with spam or phishing campaigns move (links to sites that imitate be other) on a large scale. To avoid falling into your network, be wary of strangers asking thousands of supporters friendship.

The social networking arm reaches out to kids. To join Facebook needed 13 years, although this rule is not respected. It is estimated that more than 7 million children under the age of use. Gabriel Calbosa of EDSI Trend Argentina explains that “children are admitted with 9 and 11 years. These spaces can lose control and fall prey to pedophiles and hackers. One example is the games with malicious applications.

As children do not have the ability to detect deception, can open the door to theft of keys on the machine or supplying personal information. ”

The responsibility of parents is to “educate their children to connect with age-appropriate sites that are linked only with known and be wary of offers too generous” fire Calbosa.

“Among the trends identified in the last year, highlights the number of computers infected with software robots. One method of transmission is through Twitter messages carrying the shortened address.

Since having his hidden URL may lead to unexpected places. Transactions with botnets are cheap and easy to propagate. An underground forum in 2010 promoted a network of 10 000 bots for $ 15 dollars. “Marcos says Boaglio, Symantec.

Google is becoming Microsoft. Or not?
Walter Isaacson has the biography of Steve Jobs , Larry Page went to see a few months ago Steve good when it was already very ill. Page-by Isaacson, of course, ‘sought advice’ to Jobs , who gave him the key to success in the future of Google: focus on fewer things to do, and do them really well. The truth is that Page has been part of that advice if: it has eliminated some of the map Google products that did not have much future (Wave, the clearest case of late) to focus the efforts of others who do have value in the today.

Yet this seems to be enough. This is indicated in BusinessInsider, where they make a review of some of the projects that Google is stuck in the moment and where they compare those solutions that Microsoft has in its catalog. The searches would be equivalent to Windows , Office, or the publication of Android to Xbox, a business that succeeds brand level but not so successful in economic terms (I earn 8,000 million dollars is not a success for the Xbox?) .

These three comparisons are interesting, but these are added others still more curious. Google + is like Bing (‘reaction to a new and formidable competitor’), Google Music is like Zune (‘an’ me-too I have that ‘to compete with Apple ‘), or Chrome , which compares (it takes longer ) with Internet Explorer , which the original article are intended to influence Web standards.

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Larry Page
Are you really making Google to Microsoft?

Well, the truth is that comparisons are inevitable, but they are for the simple reason that Google has become a fearsome giant who is suspected of everything. The size of Google generated love and hate in equal parts, but at least for the moment I do not think that Google is becoming the next Microsoft, and not doing it for several reasons:

Brand culture : Google is having that image now ‘cool’ or ‘Molona’ Microsoft does not just time to recover.
Innovation : not saying that Microsoft does not innovate, Kinect is a good example-but the pace and frequency of these innovations are higher in Google, a company that is more dynamic and reactive, though sometimes dismal failure-a market trends.
Product quality : obviously no debate here for some time, but there are many Google products that still have no competition, or the who, having known for their quality, even if they do for their success. Gmail or searches are two clear examples, but the same applies in my opinion Google +, a superior service to Facebook’s features, but it faces a rival perhaps too formidable.
What is certain is that Google may be diversifying and following trends rather too many. Foursquare went through, went through Groupon, and about other offerings, which have their counterpart in Google but those solutions do not quite gel. But if something is also doing well in time Google is to pull in many cases.

If something does not work, close the door the door or give away the code, as happened to Wave or Jaiku-and pass page. Do not prey on their failures and learn from them to improve (Buzz -> Wave -> Google +). And that, in these times and the size that Google has said very good things from a company that despite its dark side -it has, and increasingly scary – makes many things very well.

XBOX-NDP: The future of television begins now on Xbox 360
A new revolution comes to salons worldwide. Xbox 360 is ready to transform the way you enjoy your favorite entertainment with the addition of voice control. Microsoft Corp. has announced that this new generation of entertainment begins with the launch of the new free update for Xbox 360 , Xbox LIVE incorporating the first wave of applications of the major entertainment content providers worldwide.

“Tomorrow begins a new era in entertainment, where you can enjoy your games, movies, television , music and favorite sports in one place, “said Don Mattrick, president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “With this upgrade, users will see Xbox 360 voice control with Kinect is integrated into the entertainment experience, making it more social and personal than ever. ”

“Microsoft has done it: a single device that connects any content that you want, and that makes it easily accessible through a control universal and natural voice. From now on, this will be the standard by which all will be compared entertainment initiatives in the classroom, “said James McQuivery, Forrester Research, in the post” Engaged TV: Xbox 360 Leads The Way To A New Video Product Experience “on Sunday December 4 *. “… With over 57 million owners worldwide for a console that is about to upgrade for free, Microsoft is designing not only the right experience, but also has ensured that it will expand rapidly and with a devastating effect. ”

You say, Xbox finds

How long it take to find your film or favorite TV show? Do you have to search dozens of channels and multiple TV services? Imagine having all the entertainment you love exactly as you need at every moment, and easily accessible.

Now, find the content you want is easier than ever. A year ago, Kinect for Xbox 360 revolutionized the entertainment allowing you to use your body and voice to enjoy your favorite games and becoming the lead. Now, the power and intelligence Kinect Bing make your voice be the final control element. With Bing Xbox, you can use your voice to find games, movies, TV shows or music you want and to discover the best deals on Xbox LIVE, just saying what you want. You say, Xbox finds it. Starting tomorrow, and in the coming weeks, the voice of Bing search will initially be available on Xbox in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom to Zune Video, the Xbox LIVE and some content providers. In Spain, Zune will also incorporate the voice search with this update. Those who do not have Kinect for Xbox 360 may use the text search, available on Xbox LIVE market.

All your entertainment in one device

In addition to offering the best exclusive games and the most innovative titles for Kinect, Xbox 360 will take your living room TV live and on demand, movies, videos, sports, music and news, making it the best device to enjoy your content bookmark. Fans of the television and film can watch streaming episodes of the best series throughout the season, or enjoy the best films both classic and the latest releases.

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Mirta de Perales
With the new update come to Xbox LIVE Spanish service entertainment applications the following **:

December 6:

· Movistar Imagenio

· YouTube

· Zune (Supports Voice Search Bing)

Throughout the month of December:

· Canal + Yomvi

· Gol TV



· Dailymotion

· Screenrush

Early 2012:

· Antena 3 Television

· MLB.TV (MLB Advanced Media)

· Televisa

In the best platform for entertainment, it’s you who chooses

Whether you’re choosing what movie you want to see what service to or from it, because the best entertainment platform provides a wide variety of options. Microsoft is not only bringing the best entertainment to Xbox 360, but also is offering multiple options for interacting with that content, including your voice, your command, and now your Windows Phone . As of December 6, the application Xbox Companion, Free Windows Phone, you will find, manage and learn more about your favorite content available on any of the services Xbox LIVE entertainment.

* “Engaged TV: Xbox 360 Leads The Way To A New Video Product Experience,” Sunday, December 4, Forrester Research,

** The plan and release dates may change, as well as features and content available. May require subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold membership and / or other subscriptions or additional fees. The functionality of Kinect with the contents of Xbox LIVE content and varies by country. For more details and availability information, see / en-us / live.

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