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Priti Tayi is from a city in Southern India called Visakhapatnam. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Andhra University in India with high honors.

She has been in Logan since the spring of 2001 and loves it. Priti is very impressed with the local community and is thankful for having come to a place that has made her transition from the East to the West an easy and warm experience. She believes that coming to the United States has helped her gain a wider perspective of life.

Priti has completed her master’s degree in business information systems. She found studying at USU very enriching. She is a member of the Dean’s list and Beta Gamma Sigma. Priti is looking forward to a successful career in Information Systems.

She takes pride in being invited by the President of India to witness Republic Day Parade 2001. She enjoys spending time with her friends, long-drives, cooking, music, and yoga.

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