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Ross E. Robson has been the Executive Director of the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, a recognition and award program for manufacturers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, since 1989. He also serves as Associate Dean for Business Relations of the College of Business and is a management professor at Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

Dr. Robson received a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, and has taught at the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee prior to joining the faculty of Utah State University in 1979. He is editor of The Quality and Productivity Equation: American Corporate Strategies for the 1990's, published by Productivity Press in 1990 and has written numerous articles.




Ross Robson
Director & Associate Dean

(435) 797-2286

Dr. Robson has addressed over 24,000 people on world class manufacturing and the Shingo Prize since 1989, including keynote speaker presentations at over 25 conferences in North America.

Dr. Robson is featured in SME's Manufacturing Insights Video "Mistake Proofing, Achieving Zero Defects" (1996); Financial News Network Video on "Accounting for the Shingo Prize," (1996); and "Shingo Prize TV Profile" as viewed on CNBC and PBS (1996).

He has participated in over 100 comprehensive site visit evaluations at companies that have challenged for the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing and the NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity as well as independent assessments.

Dr. Robson has conducted training regarding the Shingo Prize Approach to World Class Manufacturing for individuals from Ford Motor, Honda Motor, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Dupont, U.S. Surgical, Johnson Controls, Grupo Urrea, A.G. Simpson, Anchor Hocking Glass, Hon, Champion International, Dana, Allied Signal, Parker Hannifin, Applied Materials, Techmosa Caterpillar, Perfecseal, TechnoTrim, J.R. Simplot, TRW, Gates Rubber, Alcatel Network Systems, Mobil Oil, Alcoa Aluminum, Thompson Consumer Electronics, Chevron Products, Varian X-Ray Tube Products, Harris, Wiremold, Coach Leatherware, Tellabs, Lear, Abbott Labs, Callaway Golf, Compaq Computer, Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems, Brooks Electronics, Tremec, Lockheed Martin, Kinetic Concepts, LG(Gold Star Brand) Electronics and Precision, Korea, among others.
Dr. Robson has participated in research and consulting projects in Sudan, Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, and Nepal on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the World Bank. As a professor at Utah State University, he is focusing his research and writing on world class manufacturing methods, systems, and processes. Dr. Robson and his wife, DaNece, are the parents of four children, and live in Logan, Utah.

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