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Shayne Howell grew up in Millville just five miles south of Utah State’s campus. He graduated from Mountain Crest High School in 1990 where he received an academic excellence scholarship. Shayne served a two year church mission in Florida prior to starting college.

He started Nature’s Design Log Homes and Furniture Co. while he attended college. The business quickly became very successful. Shayne delayed completing his degree requirements over the next decade while he dedicated his professional efforts to his clients and employees. Shayne still manages Nature’s Design while attending school full time.

Currently, Shayne is a senior majoring in management and human resources. He is vice president of Corporate Relations in the USU SHRM chapter and he serves as an ambassador for Utah State University’s College of Business. He was previously the president of USU’s Finance Club.

His hobbies include motocross, snowmobiling, skateboarding, mountain biking, studying, and spending as much time as possible with his sons constructing elaborate tree houses and riding motorcycles.

Human Resources Seminar Coordinator

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