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"It's been said that the smart person learns from mistakes, but the wise individual learns from the mistakes of others. I know of no better place to learn from the successes and failures of the best leaders in business than through participation in Partners in Business."

-Major General Scott C. Bergren
Former Commander
Ogden Air Logistics Center

“I was delighted to speak at and attend the Partners in Business Human Resources Seminar this past spring. The faculty at USU is first rate. Their program is well thought out to meet the needs of HR departments in industry. I found the whole experience to be a breath of fresh air…thoughtful speakers, mature students and engaging participants. Well worth the time and investment!”
- Ralph Christensen
Principal, Ralph Christensen Associates
Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources - Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Speaker 2002-2003

"The Partners in Business Program offers a unique and exciting opportunity for local, regional, and even national business leaders and consultants to get face-to-face both with colleagues and with students working their way toward developing a career. There is an energy generated when those practicing business principles interact with the fresh and eager ideas of young people immersed in studying those same principles."
- Maury Giles
Vice President
Worthlin Worldwide
Speaker 2002 - 2003
“I thought the program was very interesting and informative. The speakers I saw were on the cutting-edge of the newest ideas.”
Joe Knight
Setpoint, Inc.
Speaker 2002 - 2003
"The Partners in Business Program at Utah State is different ... It is students, educators, and dynamic business leaders asking intriguing questions, delving for answers, searching for insight to the next great business strategies. The interactivity is overwhelming and terribly satisfying."
- Rob May
Director of Marketing
MasterCraft Boat Company
Speaker 2002 - 2003
“A fantastic conference for checking the pulse of best practices! We use it to reaffirm our direction, and to remind us of what's important.”
- Gary Peterson
VP - Manufacturing
O.C. Tanner Company
Speaker 2002 - 2003
"Speaking at the Partners in Business Seminar was an incredible experience. I enjoyed the active participation by the audience, and judging by the comments I received, the advice and experiences I shared were of great benefit to those who attended. Thank you for asking me to speak at this seminar. Everyone I came in contact with from Partners in Business was professional, friendly, and a true pleasure to work with."
- Nikki Vejnar
Customer Service Manager
SkyWest Airlines
Speaker 2002 - 2003

“I felt that my experience at Partners, as a speaker, was very professional. I had plenty of notification, clearly outlined requests for information, good follow-up, and overall, excellent communication with the Partner’s people.”

“Upon arrival, the student assistance was very good, the programs were well organized, AV requests were taken care of quickly, and accommodations were great.”

“I was very pleased and impressed with the overall organization and quality of the experience.”

-Jeanine Wilson
Director of Human Resources
Myriad Proteomics, Inc.

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