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BUS 3250
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Discussion with Business Leaders is a .5 credit, pass/fail course designed to give students the opportunity to interact and learn from leading business professionals by attending the Partners in Business seminars. BUS 3250 is a requirement for graduation from the College of Business and has no pre-requisites. You can repeat this course for a maximum of 1.5 credit hours.

Benefits to students for attending Partners in Business Seminars

  Learn about the latest business developments, techniques, and methodologies from leading practitioners in a variety of disciplines.
  Improve your networking skills.
  Establish contacts with potential employers for internships and professional placement.


  Attend one orientation meeting held at the beginning of the semester.
  Attend seven Partners In Business sessions (individual speaker) from a minimum of two different seminars.
  Attend the Dean's CEO Convocation Lectures
  Complete one form for each of the seven sessions attended and return completed forms to Partners in Business room B309 by due date listed in syllabus.
  Write a 4-5 page report on the book The World Is Flat
  Attend one of the two debrief sessions of the book The World Is Flat

Note: If you are unable to attend the seminars due to work schedules, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor to work out other options.

All seminars are held at the Eccles Conference Center (ECC, west of the Sci-Tech library and north of the Merrill Library). Schedules for each seminar detailing speakers, topics, times and room numbers will be available in B309 one week prior to the seminar. You can also find the seminar schedule on this website.

Orientation Meetings for Fall 2007

    Date Location Time
  Wednesday August 31 B216 12:30 a.m. - 1:20 a.m.
  Friday September 2 B216 12:30 a.m. - 1:20 a.m.

Partners in Business offers educational seminars in the following areas:
Banking & Corporate Finance
Operational Excellence
Customer Service and Marketing
Women in Business
Information Technology
Human Resources

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