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BUS 3250
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By participating in the seminars organized by Partners in Business, students at USU are able to meet and network with the seminar speakers and area business professionals. Through the Student Hosting Program and BUS 3250, Discussion with Business Leaders, students are given opportunities to establish contacts with potential employers for internship and professional placement.

The Student Hosting Program offers students the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Partner’s speakers. Students may host the speaker of their choice and they are asked to make sure the speaker’s needs are met during the executive’s stay on the Utah State University campus.

BUS 3250, Discussions with Business Leaders, is a course offered by the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business that gives students an opportunity to learn and interact with leading business professionals. Students earn credit by attending Partners in Business seminars and completing a form for each session attended.


For information about becoming a seminar coordinator or a volunteer, please contact the Partner’s office-
(435) 797-2279.

  Partners in Business offers educational seminars in the following areas:
Financial Services and Banking
Operational Excellence
Customer Service and Marketing
Women in Business
Information Technology
Human Resources
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