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The Partners in Business Student Hosting Program provides students with opportunities to meet with top executives and speakers during each of the seven seminars. Student hosts act as representatives of Partners in Business to ensure that each speaker’s needs are met while they are a guest at Utah State University. By interacting with speakers and attendees on a personal basis, students are able to build a career network and make valuable job contacts with prospective employers.

Benefits of Being a Student Host:

Interact one-on-one with the speaker of your choice
Network with area business professionals and top executives from around the country
Attend luncheon for speakers and attendees the day your speaker presents
Learn from industry leaders

Student Host Responsibilities:

Attend a student host meeting which is held two weeks prior to the seminar
Act as a host to your speaker by ensuring that your speaker feels comfortable and welcome on our campus
Attend the session where your speaker is presenting
Provide transportation to and from the Salt Lake City International Airport, if needed

Student hosts are expected to act and dress in a professional manner as they are acting as representatives of Partners in Business, the College of Business, and Utah State University.

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