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BUS 3250
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Spring 2008 BUS 3250

Discussions with Business Leaders

Download the syllabus (30K)
Instructor: Ross E. Robson, assisted by Curt Wheeler
Office: Basement of Junction Rm 20      
Phone: 797-2279 or 797-8270
Website: (posted copy of syllabus and speaker forms)

Required Reading Material:

Winners Never Cheat

Jon M. Huntsman
ISBN: 0131863665
New: $13.57


A. Course Offering

This one credit course allows students to gain credit for their participation in Partners in Business seminars and the Dean’s CEO Convocation.  Although intended for seniors in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, it is available for all students of the university.  Successful completion of the course is a requirement for graduation in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

B. Purpose

The purpose of this course is to encourage students to become involved in and take advantage of the valuable opportunities presented by the Partners in Business seminars and the Dean’s CEO Convocation.  Students can enhance their classroom education by correlating what is occurring in the world of business with their textbook studies.  This is an excellent chance to learn about the latest business developments, techniques, and methodologies from leading practitioners in a variety of disciplines.  Participation in this course also gives students the opportunity to improve business interaction skills and establish contacts with future employers for internship and post-graduation placement.

C. Requirements
Attend one of the orientation times:
  Date   Time Location
  January 9, 2008 Wednesday 1:30-2:20 Business Bldg. room 215
  January 11, 2008 Friday 1:30-2:20 Business Bldg. room 215

2. Attend a total of seven Partners in Business sessions* (individual speaker) from a minimum of two different seminars. Seminars are held in the Eccles Conference Center.  Specific programs for each seminar detailing speakers, topics, times, and room numbers will be available in Room 20 in the basement of the Junction, or view the web at  The seminar schedule for this semester is listed below:

Financial Services and Banking January 24, 2008
Information Technology February 27-28, 2008
Women in Business March 26, 2008
Human Resources April 16-17, 2008

*Student hosting Program
Students who host speakers can substitute three Partner’s sessions for each speaker hosted.  For example, a student may be a student host twice and then they would only have to submit only one report.

  3. Attend the Dean’s CEO Convocation lectures (there are three of these) as scheduled below.  The Dean’s CEO Convocation brings Aggie alumni who are prominent CEO’s or Presidents back to campus to meet with students.

Spring 2008 Schedule: 1:30 -2:20 pm, George S. Eccles Business Building Rm. 215

4. Complete one report form for each seminar speaker and each of the Convocation speaker as follows:

7 Partners In Business Sessions
3 Deans Convocation Speakers
10 Total Reports

  5. Write a 4-5 page report as follows:
One page overview and summary of the book Winners Never Cheat
One page critical evaluation (what you did and didn’t agree on) in the book Winners Never Cheat
3-4 page analysis of how Winners Never Cheat relates to the 10 speakers from Partners in Business presentations and the Convocation presentations.  Identify 4 main issues for analysis.

6. Attend one of the two debrief sessions of the Book.  Business Building Rm. 215

  April 18, 2008

1:30 – 2:20

April 23, 2008 1:30 – 2:20

Paper & Report forms will be due on Friday, April 28, 2008 before 5:00 p.m.  Please keep copies of your reports.  Turn in all your completed papers and reports, stapled together, to the CEO Center (second floor of the Business Bldg. Rm 309).

D. Grading and Completion of Course

The course is a pass/fail basis only.  Report forms are available on the Partners in Business web site at under the student section.   A passing grade will be awarded upon completion of the following:

1. Attendance at all Partners In Business sessions from a minimum of two different seminars.
2. Attendance at three Dean’s CEO Convocation Lecture series.
3. Ten completed seminar report forms.
4. Completed Critical review paper of Winners Never Cheat.
E. Incomplete Grades

Incomplete (IF) grades will be given only in accordance with university policy.  In some cases a student may not be able to complete all of the assignments due to extenuating circumstances.  These would include (a) incapacitating illness, (b) death in the immediate family, (c) financial responsibilities requiring a student to alter his or her course schedule to secure employment, (d) change in work schedule as required by an employer, or (e) other emergencies of this nature.  Documentation of the circumstances cited to justify an incomplete grade is required. 

F. Comfortable Learning Environment

USU and your instructor are committed to maintaining an inoffensive, non-threatening learning environment for every student.  Class members (including the instructor) are to treat each other with respect.  Offensive humor and aggressive personal advances are specifically forbidden.  If you feel uncomfortable with a personal interaction in class, see your instructor for help in solving the problem.  Utah State University and USU's Affirmative Action Office are also willing to help as needed. 

If a student has a disability that will likely require some accommodation by the instructor, the student must contact the instructor and document the disability through the Disability Resource Center.  In cooperation with Disability Resources, course material may be provided in alternative formats such as large print, audio, diskette, or braille.

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