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14th Annual

February 23-24, 2005

keynote Speaker

Steve Bryant
Chief Creative Officer, USA, President, Seattle, Publicis Dialog

A longtime veteran of the agency, Steve Bryant is responsible for creative development for public relations clients across the national Publicis Dialog network. The industry’s leading observer, Paul Holmes, calls him “one of the industry’s most creative” practitioners and O’Dwyer’s dubbed him Publicis Dialog’s “creative czar.” That’s because Steve has an uncanny ability to translate a brand idea into major events that not only generate on-the-ground, word-of-mouth impact, but also have the ability to make news nationwide. It’s a knack that’s earned him more than 75 awards for campaigns crafted for Weyerhaeuser, PETsMART, Nestlé, Clorox and the like.

Steve’s credited with the conceptual work behind our agency’s global integration strategy, which favors a holistic communications methodology to achieve a greater impact and a potentially higher return on investment than classic integrated marketing. It’s making a splash in the industry nationwide, and it started right here with the team that’s ready to go to work for you.

Steve is also widely recognized for his issues management expertise. He is perhaps most noted for the textbook role he played as a crisis management counselor to ALPAC. He helped the regional Pepsi bottler weather the firestorm prompted by Seattle-area reports of product tampering with medical syringes.

In the food industry, he has directed or conceived programs for clients including a dozen Nestlé brands, Pepsi, Cranberry Marketing Committee, United Soybean Board, Hamburger Helper, Papa Ginos and more than a half dozen food commodity commissions. He also founded the agency’s Nutrition Marketing Research Institute.

Steve is also professionally and personally steeped in the natural foods industry. He directed publicity for Gardenburger for more than five years, helping to reposition the brand from niche to mainstream, introducing more than a dozen new products, and handling major brand and corporate communications initiatives.
Steve has served on the national board of the Medical Marketing Association and is on the advisory board of the International Journal of Medical Marketing.

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