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Bob Ligget, President
Ligget Professional Development

The Olympic Difference in Customer Service

Bob’s organization, Ligget Professional Development, specializes in enhancing the performance and productivity of organizations and individuals through appropriate training, consulting, and coaching. Prior to starting Ligget Professional Development, Bob managed the leadership and customer service training for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. In this capacity, he developed a unique leadership program designed for 5000 people working as managers, supervisors, and team leaders. He contributed to the content of the customer service training program, co-wrote the trainer’s guides, and supervised 30 part-time trainers.

Prior to the Olympics, Bob worked in training and sales for both Achieve Global and Franklin Covey, two of the leading training and development companies in North America. Bob was also the former Director of Small Business Development for the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout his career, Bob has always looked for ways to solve problems and improve an organization’s culture. He specializes in human capital, the ability of all employees to create value from their knowledge and capabilities.

Bob received his bachelor’s degree in anthropology from George Washington University, and he did graduate work at both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Utah.

He will discuss dedicated, purposeful customer service. Bob will focus on the importance of having good leadership, making wise personnel choices, and using the right techniques. He will discuss the outcome of the training used with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, and explain how your managers can achieve the same results, if they give their people a sense of purpose beyond the ordinary.
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