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Brett Merrell, Vice President of Marketing
Gerber Products Company

Relationship Marketing: What 75 years, Research, Technology and Common Sense Taught One of the Most Trusted Brands in America

Brett has been with the Gerber Products Company for five years. As vice president of marketing, he has profit and loss responsibility for Gerber Baby Food, U.S. He directs the company’s strategic planning, advertising, promotion, creative design and new product launches. Brett also leads Gerber’s Start Healthy campaign, an initiative that focuses on reducing childhood obesity. His efforts have increased both Gerber’s market share and profit margin to record high numbers.

Gerber is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Currently, the company’s direct mail program reaches the homes of 80 percent of all babies within one month of their birth. With sales exceeding one billion dollars, Gerber was recently ranked number one in consumer satisfaction by

Brett earned a bachelor’s degree in finance at Utah State, and an MBA with an emphasis in marketing at Northwestern University. Before joining Gerber, Brett was with Sargento Foods, Procter and Gamble, and Citibank. In 2003, he was named Marketer of the Year by Promo Magazine.

Brett will draw on Gerber’s 75 year history of perfecting the art and science of relationship building to explain how you can use relationship marketing to increase customer trust and improve your ROI. He will discuss how research, technology and common sense bring companies closer to their customers. Brett will touch on combining data-base management, segmentation, and communication to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.
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