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Ken Shelton, President and Founder
Excellence Performance Systems

Five Steps to Service Excellence

Ken founded Excellence Performance Systems 20 years ago, and he currently serves as president of the company. His firm provides solutions that achieve excellence in sales, marketing, service, and leadership.

He is an accomplished writer, editor, and publisher. His customer service works include Best of Class: Building a Customer Service Organization, Customer Love, Beyond Counterfeit Leadership, Real Success, and One-on-One with Stephen Covey. Ken served as the writer and editor for Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership. Ken also worked on Walk the Talk with Eric Harvey, Managing People Is Like Herding Cats, and Old Dogs, New Tricks with Warren Bennis, as well as Catch People Doing Something Right with Ken Blanchard.

He has also served as the editor and publisher of several magazines including Executive Excellence, Personal Excellence, and Sales and Marketing Excellence. Additionally, Ken has been interviewed by a number of magazines, and he has also been featured on dozens of radio and television programs. He has had the opportunity of traveling the world as a speaker and trainer.

Ken has a master’s degree in organizational communication from San Diego State University.

He will discuss how your organization can develop and sustain a culture of service excellence. Ken will help you learn to create a culture that centers on the customer and delivers delightful service consistently. He will focus on the changes in mindset, skill-set, and behavior your employees will need to make to deliver exemplary customer service. Ken will teach you who to hire, how to train, what to measure, and how to recognize and reward the people who provide your customers with great service day after day.
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