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Kent Murdock, President and CEO
O.C. Tanner Co.

From Manufacturing to Marketing: Changing the Nature of a Company

Kent joined O.C. Tanner as the company’s President in 1991 and was elected CEO in 1997. Prior to joining the company, Kent practiced law for 15 years as a partner in the Salt Lake City firm of Ray, Quinney & Nebeker. He specialized in commercial litigation and chaired the firm’s litigation section. Kent also chaired the Litigation Committee of the Energy and Natural Resources Section of the American Bar Association.

He earned both a bachelor’s degree in history and a J.D. from the University of Utah. He serves on numerous boards in connection with his work, and he is currently the vice-chair of the Board of Trustees of Intermountain Health Care and a member of the Wells Fargo Salt Lake Advisory Board.

Kent will discuss O.C. Tanner’s success strategy. He will focus on how management shifted from its product-centered philosophy to a more forward-thinking strategy that is centered on marketing. He will summarize how the shift in focus to customers and core capabilities strengthened the company, and promoted a shared vision. You will learn how your management team can rely on fundamental marketing principles and chart a course that leads to industry dominance.
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