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Kimberly Larson, Director of Promotions
USU Athletics

The Ins and Outs of Sports Marketing

Kimberly oversees the marketing, promotions, and game management for Utah State’s 16 varsity sports. Basically, her staff controls the action, whenever the team is not actively playing. They arrange the promotions and giveaways, coordinate the activities of the cheerleaders, the band and all related music activities, and write game scripts for the public address announcer. Kimberly also oversees print, radio and television advertising, and manages the Jr. Aggies Kid’s Club which provides young supporters with an opportunity to see the teams play at reduced rates.

She earned both a bachelor’s in marketing and an MBA from Utah State, and she has been with the athletics department for four years.

Kimberly will discuss event management. She will focus on the uniqueness of the sports market, and explain how you can use promotions to reach target markets, and facilitate the sponsor-fan relationship. You will learn the ins and outs of managing large events.
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