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Sam Dommer, Executive Vice President and CMO
First National Bank of Marin

Growth on Demand

Sam joined the First National Bank of Marin, the largest privately held issuer of non-prime credit cards in the United States, in the fall of 2000. He played a key role in making Marin one of the nation’s most profitable banks. Currently, he leads Marin’s marketing strategy, product development, partnership marketing, and business development efforts. Sam developed the marketing infrastructure that generates more than 50 million direct mail solicitations annually, making the bank one of the largest credit card direct mailers in the United States.

Additionally, he led the development of the bank’s website which allows customers to apply for credit, view their monthly statements, and make payments to their account online. Sam was also instrumental in creating the bank’s “Growth on Demand” marketing strategy, which has enabled Marin to manage its new account growth effectively. By using a unique prospect database and sophisticated analytical tools, the bank’s management can predict how, when, and where they will find new customers.

Sam has more than 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and product development.
Prior to joining the First National Bank of Marin, he led the business development efforts at Household International’s private label retail services division. He also served as the assistant to the chairman of Household’s insurance division, Alexander Hamilton Life.

He holds a bachelor’s of business administration degree from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration.

Sam will discuss how the bank achieved success by developing mission critical marketing tools that facilitate growth on demand. You will learn about processes and techniques that your organization can employ to generate a larger customer base.
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