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Steve Larson
Vice President of Sales and Business Development
Information Alliance

Marketing Partnerships between the Government and Private Business

Steve was a founding partner of the Information Alliance, a data collection company. He currently serves as vice president of sales and business development for the organization. The Information Alliance specializes in collecting data via the telephone and internet. The company’s clients include many well known opinion polling firms in the US and the UK.

Information Alliance is also recognized as a Utah Smart Site. As such, the Information Alliance and its sister company, Information Connections, partner with the state of Utah to provide high tech jobs to citizens throughout the state.

Previously, Steve worked as a newscaster for KUSU radio, and as a reporter for a local newspaper. He has also worked extensively in the market research industry. He decided to start his own data collection company, after serving as the sales and marketing director for a national market research firm for several years.

Steve graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.
He is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Marketing Research Association (MRA). He currently serves on the technology board for the national chapter of the MRA.

Steve will discuss new ways you can market products and services in today’s economy. He will explain how his company became part of a government marketing plan’s vision and developed a partnership that benefits his business, local government, and the community. He will focus on the benefits this type of partnership offers, and explain how you can use government programs as marketing tools.
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