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Debra L. Bonosconi
Senior Manager, Anti-Money Laundering Practice Leader
KPMG’s National Regulatory Advisory Services Group

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: What Everyone Should Know

Debra has more than 21 years experience working in both the public and private sectors of the financial industry. Her federal regulatory experience includes four years as a bank examiner with the Comptroller of the Currency and six years with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. While she worked for the Federal Reserve, Debra developed and implemented the Fraud Information Network, and helped create an enhanced internal controls training program for the Federal Reserve examining staff.

Debra recently joined KPMG’s National Regulatory Advisory Services. As anti-money laundering practice leader, she consults on all aspects of financial services regulatory policy. Her extensive experience qualifies her to assist clients in a wide range of areas. Debra also develops, or provides assistance in enhancing existing, anti-money laundering compliance programs. Additionally, she has extensive experience interacting with banking regulatory personnel, external auditors, and bank board members.

Debra will provide you with a short chronology of how Anti-Money Laundering Bank Secrecy Act (AML/BSA) programs have evolved over the last few years. She will also discuss changes in the examination process that have increased institutional risk. Debra will focus on the "nuts and bolts" of what regulators want to see in AML/BSA programs including “regulatory expectations” that are not documented in writing. She will outline an AML training program, and discuss staffing needs, and budget issues. Debra will also provide you with an overview of the latest AML software products.
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