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Adalbert N. Kather, PhD
Chairman, Ank Consulting



Sharon R. Tarnutzer, MBA, SPHR
Academic Director, Ank Consulting




International Organizational Development and its Impact on People

Adalbert had 18 years of successful international, industrial experience when he founded Ank Consulting. Over the years he has worked with people from many different management levels and cultures, as well as a wide range of companies, from start-ups to turnarounds. Adalbert is also adept at team implementations, negotiations, and cross-cultural human resources as well as change and knowledge management.

Adalbert’s nationality is German. He completed a course of studies in both economics and sociology, with a final degree in business administration. Adalbert also has a doctorate in economics/sociology. He chairs the board of a UK organization called the Edmondson Group.

Sharon had 15 years of university teaching experience when she joined Ank Consulting. She has worked with human resources management in both the academic and the business world. Sharon has developed innovative, experiential training for both public and private sector clients. She is experienced in conflict management, and has developed programs that support expatriates.

Sharon is American. She earned an undergraduate degree in psychology from the United States International University and an MBA from Utah State University.

Adalbert and Sharon will provide you with a brief historical review of organizational change, and they will discuss future trends in the field. The presenters will introduce two models of international, organizational development that showcase leadership training. The differences in their cultural presentation styles will highlight the diversity required to succeed in the international arena.
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