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T. Andrew Fujimoto
AmeriBen/IEC Group

Darwinian Human Resources and the 21st Century Strategic Partner

Andy has been instrumental in forging AmeriBen/IEC Group into one of the most widely respected management-consulting and third party administrators in the region. As a company principal with over 20 years of experience, he has a clear understanding of the tenets of effective human resources management, and the impact they exert on an organization’s bottom line. AmeriBen/IEC’s offices located in Portland, Salt Lake City, and Boise currently serve approximately 900 clients.

Andy is a frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and training seminars. He is also active in several community organizations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Boy Scouts of America.

He earned a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, in business administration from Linfield College.

Andy will discuss the current state of affairs in the human resources arena—one in which human resources professionals are under siege and being driven into extinction—both individually and in small groups. He will detail his view of the future business climate, and share insights that will help you become super responsive to change, and capable of thriving in that environment.
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