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Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, PhD
Founder, President
Quality Methods International, Inc.

Visual Workplace in the Office

Gwendolyn is recognized as a leading authority in the visual workplace field. She is a two-term Malcolm Baldrige examiner, a Shingo Prize examiner, and the founder/president of Quality Methods International (QMI). Gwendolyn has been helping companies successfully implement the technologies of the visual workplace for nearly 20 years.

Because of her unique emphasis on I-driven employee involvement through visual inventiveness, her clients achieve remarkable levels of visual transparency on their production floors and in their offices. They turn these visual solutions into a way of life for their companies. The results go directly to the bottom line.

Gwendolyn is also the author of the highly-acclaimed Visual Systems: Harnessing the Power of a Visual Workplace. Her next book, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking, is due out in the summer of 2004.

She will discuss her unique visual approach, and provide you with the concepts, methods, and tools your company needs to initiate a successful visual implementation.
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