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Laura Wilkins, JD
In-house Employment Counsel
Fred A. Moreton & Company

Termination Practices Compliance: What Every Employer Should Know Before Terminating an Employee

Laura is an employment attorney who specializes in executive human resource management and employee benefits. She consults on issues relating to benefit plans, administration, and employee relations. Laura educates insurance brokers and Moreton clients on human resources topics, and she troubleshoots problematic benefit-related issues.

Her background also includes insurance experience. Laura’s areas of expertise include corporate compliance, employee relations, recruitment and termination practices, and management training on topics such as COBRA, ERISA, FMLA, HIPAA, ADA, discrimination, and harassment.

She earned a JD degree from the University of Utah’s College of Law and a bachelor’s in communications also from the University of Utah.

Laura will cover a wide variety of topics including implied employment contracts, retaliation claims, severance packages, handbook policies, and exit interviews. She will distribute handouts that will provide answers to a wealth of employment related legal questions.
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