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Ron James
President, CEO
Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC)

Human Resources: Partners in Building an Ethical Culture

Through a unique partnership, the non-profit CEBC is closely affiliated with both the College of Business at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. As the head of the CEBC, Ron helps business leaders create ethical and profitable business cultures at the enterprise, community, and global levels. Prior to joining the CEBC, he served as president and CEO of the Human Resources Group, a division of Ceridian Corporation, and as an executive officer for US West Communications.

Ron is currently a member of several boards including the Great Hall, an Investment Fund of Dain Rauscher, Inc., the Greater Twin Cities United Way, and the Guthrie Theater. Additionally, Ron serves on a government commission that reviews the 10 year federal sentencing guidelines for organizations.

Ron will explore why business leaders need to embrace and build cultures that are ethical as well as profitable. He will discuss several notorious corporate breakdowns that resulted from ethical problems, and explain how these lapses have redefined organizational norms and regulations. Ron will focus on how ethical cultures increase financial performance, and emphasize the role human resources plays in promoting an ethical environment.
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