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Taira Koybaeva, PhD
Terek International, LLC

America in the 21st Century and Emotional Survival in the Workplace

Taira conducts research on international political issues, business communication, and the cultural aspects of international management and marketing. She is also a Fellow for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an international relations advisor for U.S-Russian defense programs, and a former consultant to the Armed Services Subcommittee for the House of Representative of the United States Congress.

She has served as an advisor, consultant, and facilitator in political and business exchanges between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. She travels extensively to the former Soviet Union and Europe in an advising capacity and works with a diverse range of government officials and businessmen. Taira’s company, Terek International, is dedicated to international business consulting.

She received her doctorate at the St. Petersburg University with post-doctoral studies at Bonn University in Germany.

Taira will discuss new managerial approaches that will safeguard your emotional stability, and help you achieve success in corporate America during the 21st century.
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