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21st Annual

December 1-2, 2004
Jump ahead of your competition by learning how to utilize the latest technology at the two-day, 20th annual Information Technology Seminar. This seminar focuses on the rapidly evolving field of technology and how to utilize the advancements to produce business solutions.

Topics Planned for Information Technology seminar, December 1-2, 2004:

Security Rise and Solutions for Enterprise PCs
The New Business of Software: How the Shift to Digital is Changing All the Rules
The Myths of Innovation: The Truth about How Progress Happens
Our Lean Journey and The Changing Role of 21st Century CIO
Agility in Information Technology
Enterprise Data Management: Advances and Challenges
Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business
The Next Decade of Software: Open Source and the Future of High-Tech Capitalism
Leveraging Web Site Intelligence To Improve Online Initiatives
Information Integrity: Keeping your business up, running, and growing, no matter what happens.
IT Outsourcing
XML Web Services & Data Level Networking -The Next Major Evolution of Information Technology
Security Issues with Alternative Communication Channels


Jessica D. Miller
Information Technology Seminar Coordinator
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