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J. David Higgins
Chairman, The Indigio Group, Inc.

The Dynamic World of Technology from its Root, the Entrepreneur

David’s experience runs the gamut from developing high tech solutions for fast growing companies to founding his own high tech start-ups. Early in his career he worked for both Digital Equipment Corporation and Veritas Corporation as a senior marketing executive. Later, he founded Research Information Corporation, a time sharing service bureau, FHL, Ltd, a mini-computer manufacturer, and Abraham Channing Company, a computer based media firm.

His latest endeavor, The Indigio Group, Inc., is a web software products and services company whose market niche includes firms that need to create new channels to drive business and realize the web’s power.

David earned a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, and a master’s in business administration at Pepperdine University.

He will discuss a wide range of companies that were founded on novel concepts, and use examples to underscore how decisions made during a firm’s developmental stages affect its later operations. David will share his ideas about developing your entrepreneurial talents, and funding your projects.

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