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Jeff Law
Fellow, Red Hat

Open Source Solutions in IT Industry

Jeff has been a pioneer in the open source software industry for over a decade. He led the open source engineering teams for Cygnus Solutions, the first company to provide commercial support for open source software. After Red Hat acquired Cygnus in 1999, Jeff led the company’s tools engineering teams. He is a key advisor to Red Hat's senior management, and he helps the company’s customers and partners plan their migrations to open source technologies. Jeff also serves on the steering committee for GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) and on the board of the Fedora Project.

Jeff will discuss the history and philosophy of open source technologies. He will highlight the pros and cons of the development model, and provide you with examples of real world deployments of open source solutions. Jeff will conclude with a discussion of what the future holds for open source technologies as they become more prevalent in Fortune 500 IT departments.

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