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Niel Nickolaisen
CIO, Deseret Book

Delivering Measurable Business Value with Technology

Niel is an expert at the rapid/adaptive selection, implementation, and deployment of enterprise business applications, analysis tools, and systems. He has in-depth knowledge of enterprise management technologies, enterprise resource planning applications, and storage management tools. Niel has held executive positions in large and medium sized enterprises, typically in turnaround roles. He has developed a very practical method for aligning IT operations and decisions with business plans and strategies, and he holds two patents for enterprise management tools.

Niel earned a bachelor’s in physics from Utah State University and a master’s in engineering from MIT. He is currently the president of the intermountain chapter of the Society for Information Management.

Niel will discuss why technology projects often fail to achieve business value. He will teach you a simple way to align your business model with technology strategies and plans. This method, which you can apply to multiple business scenarios, will ensure the success of technology projects.

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