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Brian H. Maskell, CPA, CIMA, FCPIM
BMA, Inc.

Lean Accounting for Lean Manufacturers

Brian has more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry. He has held a variety of management positions in a broad range of industries. During the past decade he has consulted for many companies in the United States, England, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. Brian has helped these organizations implement advanced manufacturing techniques including Lean and agile manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, Lean accounting, value-stream costing/management, new performance measurement, process re-engineering, enterprise information systems, and total quality management.

He is the author of several books including: Learning to Count, Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing, Software and the Agile Manufacturer, New Performance Measures, and Making the Numbers Count. Brian also developed Putting Performance Measurement to Work, a software product, and he conducts seminars and workshops throughout the world. His work addresses the needs of manufacturers as they move into the increasingly competitive 21st century.

Brian has an engineering degree from the University of Sussex, England. He is certified with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in London, is a member of AICPA, and is a Fellow of the American Production and Inventory Control Society.

His presentation will focus on the benefits of Lean accounting and the value of adopting the approach. Brian will use a Parker Hannifin division that implemented Lean manufacturing and improved its customer service, cycle times, quality, inventory, and profits to make his points. He will explain how the division used Lean accounting to solve the problems standard costing creates.
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