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David R. Dixon
Founder and President
Technical Change Associates, Inc.

Lean and Six Sigma – Beyond the Buzzwords

Dave has over 35 years experience, much of it focused on world class technologies such as Lean manufacturing, flawless resource management, Six Sigma applications and total organization commitment. He has planned and implemented technologies in a wide variety of manufacturing environments including machining operations, heavy fabrication, electronics assembly, lighting, signage and offset printing. Additionally, Dave has assisted in administrative applications of Lean principles. His understanding of Lean goes beyond the technical; he is highly skilled in facilitating the cultural changes that are mandatory for success in today’s highly competitive global economy. His company, Technical Change, engages in management education and consulting.

Dave received an MBA from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s in manufacturing engineering from Weber State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and is certified in Production and Inventory Management by APICS. He conducts frequent seminars and workshops for client companies and professional groups.

Dave’s presentation will help you sort out the confusion related to JIT, Lean, Six Sigma, and TQM. He will compare and contrast the approaches, and help you make sense of the endless onslaught of new buzzwords. By examining Lean, Six Sigma and other labels in terms of objectives and tools or techniques, he will help you access the power of today’s improvement know-how and contain your fear of embracing the “wrong approach.” Dave will focus on helping you build the skill and confidence you need to develop an approach that suits your organization.
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