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John Kim
President and COO
Simpler Development, LLC

Leading the Lean Enterprise Conversion

John has been with Simpler for over five years. His team has supported the Lean Conversion activities of more than 70 organizations covering 150 manufacturing and administrative operations. Some of the organizations Simpler supports include Baxter Healthcare, Columbus McKinnon, HON, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Sealy, Sikorsky, the US Air Force, the US Army and the Royal Air Force. John is considered an industry leader in the application and use of Lean principles in both the office and factory environment.

Prior to joining Simpler, he worked in operations for 18 years. He has held plant manager, general manager and vice president of operations positions for industry leaders such as HON and Jennings Technology (a Danaher company). John used the Lean Conversion business model in his facilities to demonstrate impressive improvements in productivity, delivery, inventory turns, and lead times.

John will focus on how you lead a Lean enterprise transformation. His presentation will help organizations thinking about embarking on a Lean journey and those struggling with execution of their Lean initiative. He will explain why your organization should do Lean and how you can get started.
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