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John E. Marushin

Alcoa Operations Management Consulting, Alcoa, Inc.

What is Changeable – What is not Changeable?

John started out as an industrial engineer at McDonnell Douglas where he worked to implement Just-in-Time (JIT) into their manufacturing operations. To learn more about the Toyota Production System (TPS), he joined Toyota and worked as a supplier development engineer, implementing TPS with the company’s accessory parts suppliers. He was recruited by Mr. Hajime Oba to launch the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC), Toyota's internal consulting division in the United States.

As a Toyota consultant, John implemented TPS in many different types of factories across North America. He developed a high level of skill in TPS and became an American practitioner. He later joined YOMO Consulting and led the implementation of Alcoa’s transformation to their new Business System (ABS), which is based on TPS methodology. In his present position at Alcoa, John is responsible for proliferating ABS knowledge throughout their 24 businesses and 360 factories worldwide.

John graduated with dual degrees in business and engineering from Ohio State University.

He will discuss how implementing TPS changes work through people under JIT and Jidoka to achieve customer satisfaction and improve business value. John will use Alcoa examples to demonstrate how TPS is changing work within the company’s different business units. He will discuss how TPS systems highlight where work should be modified to meet business requirements, and how the new systems acknowledge problems quickly when they can be solved easily. He will focus on how Alcoa is developing leaders to manage operations in the new TPS environment.
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