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30th Annual

September 29-30, 2004
Keynote Speaker

Jonathon Tilly
Senior Practice Expert, McKinsey and Company

Project Management and Cultural Issues in Lean Implementation

Mr. Jonathan Tilley joined McKinsey & Company in 1999, and he currently works as a senior practice expert in the McKinsey Manufacturing Practice in Orange County, California. He is also the manager of the U.S. Production System Design Center which entails managing clients and teams of production systems designers. He acquired in-depth Lean manufacturing experience at Toyota, and he has extensive knowledge of operations consulting. Since joining the firm, Jonathan has worked on projects in consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, metals, purchasing and supplier management, and the oil and gas industry.

Jonathan has given numerous lectures about Toyota’s Production System at several U.K. universities and other professional bodies including the engineering institutes in Great Britain. Jonathan originally studied and trained as a production engineer and later studied at Cranfield University to become a Fellow of Manufacturing Management. Prior to joining Toyota, Jonathan held several engineering and management positions for other industrial companies including ABB (robotic production systems) and Lucas Industries (manufacturing systems and product design).

Jon will recount his Lean lessons learned and address how you can handle the cultural issues that arise during Lean transitions. He will also discuss which methods to use during your transformation.

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