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Laurence Ackerman
Group Director
Siegel & Gale

How can Operations be Excellent, if you don’t know who you are? Living the Logic of Identity-Based Management

Larry’s career has spanned more than 20 years. At Siegel & Gale he has specialized in business transformation at the international level. He has helped many large, well-known organizations, struggling to distinguish themselves in their field, overcome complex challenges. His insights have provided corporate leaders with the keys to their companies’ survival, and ultimately the ability to flourish. From Fidelity Investments, Boise Cascade and Alcoa to Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, Maytag, and Norsk Hydro, Larry has gotten inside each company’s heart and soul and provided the insight management needed to start the organization on the right value-creating path.

He has been a guest speaker at the Yale School of Management, The Conference Board, and the American Marketing Association and is a regular keynote speaker for senior management meetings among leading global companies. He has written widely about identity in many different journals. In Identity Is Destiny: Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation, he set forth a revolutionary view of the nature of identity and its impact on leadership and management.

He is an original thinker who joined the world of identity consulting when the profession had already reached a certain level of maturity. Through his relentless questioning of all the field’s given beliefs, he has reinvented the meaning of corporate identity, within the context of leadership, in relation to individuals and organizations alike.

In his presentation, Larry will discuss the dynamics of identity-based management and how they apply to business, generally, and operations, specifically. He will explain why he thinks that identity is the most powerful human force on earth – one that influences all human achievement, whether individual or organizational. Through the lens of identity, Larry will challenge you to rethink traditional notions about the meaning of value creation, efficiency and productivity. He will discuss the Laws of Identity – eight natural laws that govern the lives and fortunes of individuals and organizations alike, and use examples from companies he has worked with to help you understand how these laws affect the way companies operate.
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