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30th Annual

September 29-30, 2004
Keynote Speaker

Russ Scaffede
Vice President, Tiara Yachts
Former Vice President, Toyota Georgetown, KY

A Few Lean Lessons from Toyota

Mr. Russ Scaffede began his career with General Motors (GM) in 1971. During his years at GM, he gained experience in engine plant assembly and machining processes. In 1986 as the Flint Engine Plant’s production manager, he introduced the staff to Toyota/NUMMI lean concepts. Later, he spent five years with Toyota in a series of increasingly responsible management positions culminating with vice president and general manager of Toyota Power Train.

Russ joined Donnelly Corporation in 1995 as vice president of North American Operations. At Donnelly, he had the pleasure of working with great team members who successfully transitioned the organization from traditional manufacturing methods to a lean manufacturing operation. The Donnelly Production System (DPS) shares many of its driving elements with the Toyota Production System. Later, as vice president of Global Manufacturing Operations, Russ was responsible for implementing the DPS system in Donnelly’s operations worldwide. Russ is currently the vice president of manufacturing for Tiara Yachts in Holland, Michigan. He is also Chair of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors.

He graduated from Saginaw Valley College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

Russ will review Toyota’s history and the development of lean manufacturing in Japan. He will discuss teachings from lean manufacturing founders, such as Toyota senseis and Henry Ford, and share his experiences as a Toyota team member. Russ will also address a few implementation methods to consider as you establish your lean system.

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