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30th Annual

September 29-30, 2004
Concurrent Speaker

Steve Maynard
Former Vice President of Engineering and CIO, The Wiremold Company

Lean in Information Technology: Dealing with ERP in a Lean Environment

Mr. Steve Maynard is the owner and president of Time Machine Hobby, LLC, which operates the largest hobby retail store in New England from its location in Manchester, Connecticut. The Time Machine focuses on hobby resources and activities, providing families and friends with fun things to do to spend quality time together.

Steve recently retired from The Wiremold Company where he served as the vice president of engineering and chief information officer. He participated in Wiremold’s first visit to Japan to work with Shingijutsu and learn the Toyota Production System model. He also made two additional trips to Japan to work on the company’s kanban system development. He was responsible for driving new product development at Wiremold and its subsidiaries, implementing the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) methodology and the co-location of cross-functional product development teams. He participated on the acquisition team, doing due diligence on many of Wiremold’s 21 acquisitions over a 10-year period. The company decided to consolidate the American operations on one common business platform, and Steve led the team in the software selection and implementation process for the 12 physical locations.

He serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement and is a past director of the Hartford Chapter for the American Red Cross. Steve has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a master’s degree in business administration from RPI Hartford. He has been an adjunct professor for the past 12 years and teaches lean principles in the Graduate Engineering School for the University of Hartford.

Steve will discuss installing an ERP platform in the midst of a Lean transformation. He will outline the problems that Wiremold encountered and provide you with some insight into how to deal with those issues.

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