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30th Annual

September 29-30, 2004


Keynote Speakers

Michael N. DaPrile
Vice President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America
Executive Vice President, SW Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

With over 40 years experience in the automotive industry, Mike has been the VP of Manufacturing at a Toyota plant. He also has the distinction of being one of the few Americans at Toyota to be dispatched to a supplier as part of an executive exchange program. Mike will discuss how to build an environment that promotes Lean. You will learn why team members in successful Lean organizations believe they are the company.

Jonathan Tilly
Senior Practice Expert, McKinsey and Company

Project Management and Cultural Issues in Lean Implementation
Jonathan oversees McKinsey’s U.S. Production System Design Center which entails managing clients and teams of production systems designers. He acquired in-depth Lean manufacturing experience at Toyota and he has extensive knowledge of operations consulting. Jonathan will recount his Lean lessons learned and address how you can handle the cultural issues that arise during Lean transitions.

Cindy Jimmerson
President, Lean Healthcare West

Applying Principles from Toyota to Healthcare: Surprises in Our Systems
Cindy has a 30-year background in trauma and emergency program development and small business administration. She is currently the co-investigator on a National Science Foundation study which is examining how to apply Toyota Production System principles to healthcare. Cindy will discuss the challenges she has encountered using TPS concepts in the complex healthcare industry.

W. Bruce Chew, PhD
Principal, Monitor Group

Innovating Lean Applications in a Non-Process Environment: A Case Study in Industrial Marketing
Bruce is a founding member of Monitor’s Activities Processes and Systems business unit. He has implemented Lean techniques in a wide variety of industrial environments, and he has taught courses on Japanese manufacturing techniques at Harvard. Bruce will use a case history to highlight the innovative practice of applying Lean manufacturing principles to industrial marketing. He will provide you with a set of process tools you can use to adopt this unique, highly visible Lean approach.

Thomas G. Hartman
Vice President of Operations, Airbag Division of Autoliv North America

Management’s Role in the Successful Launch and Development of Lean Manufacturing
Thomas oversees three Autoliv manufacturing plants in Utah that employ over 2,700 workers. He also mentors an additional ten manufacturing plants in the process disciplines of Autoliv’s Lean Manufacturing System known as APS. Thomas will outline management’s role in the cultural renaissance that is the driving force behind Autoliv’s transformation into an automotive safety products and Lean manufacturing leader.

Orest J. Fiume
Former Vice President of Finance, The Wiremold Company

Lean Accounting
Orest led The Wiremold Company’s conversion to Lean accounting and he installed Lean accounting practices at more than 20 Wiremold acquisitions. His co-authored book, Real Numbers: Management Accounting in a Lean Business Enterprise, was awarded a Shingo Research Prize in 2004. Orest will focus on how you can implement accounting practices that support your company’s Lean strategy.

Larry Martin
Vice President, Martin Door Manufacturing

“Oh the Things I know ------ now: We’re Good enough, We’re smart enough, and Doggone it, Customers like us”
Larry has almost five decades of experience overseeing the manufacturing processes at Martin Door. Under his direction Martin Door Manufacturing has implemented production systems that maximize throughput and value stream flows in a build-to-order environment. He will discuss how these processes evolved and how you can use them to improve your manufacturing cycle time.

Russ Scaffede
Vice President, Tiara Yachts
Former Vice President, Toyota Georgetown, KY

A Few Lean Lessons from Toyota
Russ has over 30 years of experience primarily in the automotive industry. He held various managerial roles at Toyota and he introduced his GM engine plant staff to Toyota’s Lean concepts. Russ will review the development of Lean manufacturing in Japan and he will share his experiences as a Toyota team member. He will discuss Toyota’s history and teachings from Lean manufacturing senseis. Russ will also help you evaluate the various implementation methods you can use to build your own Lean system.

Concurrent Speakers

Jim Strickland
Director of Lean Enterprise, Raytheon Missile Systems

Leveraging Strategic Human Resource Management Practices in Support of the Lean Enterprise
Jim has 36 years of experience in manufacturing operations. He helped develop the Raytheon Production System and he transitioned the Tucson plant into an award winning Lean facility. He currently oversees 3,300 employees who are driving improvement to the next level. Jim will focus on how human resource practices support the Lean pursuit, and explain how having an educated workforce can help your company achieve its goals.

Ted J. Iverson
President, Takt Timer, LLC
Todd Miller
Director of Product Management Manufacturing, CG4 Solutions

The Next Level of Lean: Lean Tools Developed with Modern Technology including RFID
Ted has implemented Lean techniques in a variety of different industries for nearly two decades. He has award winning clients throughout the world. Todd runs his own technology consulting firm. He currently develops tools for businesses that are driving performance by integrating technology into their Lean practices. Ted and Todd will explain how companies can achieve the next level of improvement by combining Lean methodology with technology tools.

Jose V. Zavala
Customer Satisfaction Superintendent, Delphi Packard Electric

Lean Support Initiatives

Jose has 16 years of experience in the automotive industry. He was part of the start-up team for a Delphi plant serving as both a quality engineer and a manufacturing general shift supervisor. Jose will introduce a spreadsheet that simplifies the process of mapping information flows. He will use examples from his experiences implementing Lean techniques to explain how you can eliminate waste in office and support functions.

Steve Wells
Senior Operations Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Lessons Learned in Fighter Aircraft Manufacturing: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Vision
Steve is responsible for insuring that Lean manufacturing principles are employed throughout the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s production operations facility. He was Lockheed Martin’s team lead when the Shingo Prize recognized the F-16 and F-22 Programs in 2000. Steve will explain how lessons learned from the legacy aircraft programs and best manufacturing practices from various industries were incorporated into the production vision for the F-35.

Steve Maynard
Former Vice President of Engineering and CIO, The Wiremold Company

Lean in Information Technology: Dealing with ERP in a Lean Environment
Steve was responsible for driving new product development at Wiremold and its subsidiaries. He studied Toyota’s production and kanban system development under Shingijutsu in Japan. Steve will discuss installing an ERP platform in the midst of a Lean transformation. He will outline the problems that Wiremold encountered and provide you with some insight into how to deal with those issues.

Bruce Thompson
President and COO, Simpler Development, LLC

Lean in Administration
Bruce is considered an industry leader in the application of Lean principles to the Service and Administrative fields. He has over 20 years of diverse experience in manufacturing, service and product development, process analysis, quality and operations. He will teach you how to achieve balance in your primary value streams and accelerate your Lean journey by applying Lean concepts in administrative areas.

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