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Cydney Neil, CEO
Cydney C. Productions
The Rocky Point Haunted House

The Unconventional Path to Success—Going Where Life Leads You

Cydney is the owner, designer and producer of the Rocky Point Haunted House in Salt Lake. She is also the president of The Rocky Point Center for Arts and Entertainment. An unlikely candidate for such a macabre business, having had no early interest in Halloween, Cydney's creativity and business savvy have earned her and her event several national awards. In 2002, she also won the state of Utah’s awards for the Best Small Business and the Best Recreational Attraction. As the recognized industry leader, Cydney consults world-wide on Halloween related events.

She will discuss goal setting and career paths. Cydney will focus on unrealized goals, and why you sometimes achieve goals, but still feel unfilled. She will affirm the power that comes from letting go of preconceived career goals and simply following the path that appears before you.
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