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Jean D. Brown, CEO
Jean Brown Research

Running your Own Business Effectively and Why Women Should Start Their Own Businesses

Jean Brown Research has conducted clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years. The company tests the efficacy of new medications in patients and provides the sponsoring pharmaceutical company and the FDA with invaluable data. Her company was honored as one the Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Utah for four consecutive years. Additionally, in 2003, Ernst and Young named Jean Utah’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jean has a lot of practice keeping many balls in the air. In addition to running her own successful business, she is married and the mother of 13 children. Eleven of her children are adopted and eight are currently teenagers!

She will explain how and why medicines are tested, and provide you with insights into starting and running your own small business. Jean will explore attributes that prime women business owners for success, and discuss making the hard decisions that keep a business on track. You will learn why mothers typically are very effective business owners, and how you can sucessfully juggle family and work.
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