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Louise Francesconi, President
Raytheon Missile Systems

Transformational Leadership

With nearly 30 years in the defense industry, Louise has been instrumental in making Raytheon the world's premier missile producer. She oversees Raytheon’s $3 billion missile systems business which includes more than 40 development and production programs and 11,000 employees. Louise provides leadership in the areas of strategic planning, customer focus, and operational excellence. She was recently named Technology Executive of the Year by the University of Arizona, and, for the past three years, Louise has earned a spot on Fortune's list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business.

Having successfully navigated two mergers and led two large consolidations, Louise will relate what she has learned about transforming a business and inspiring others to achieve results. She will share her view of the cornerstones of leadership. Her ideas will benefit you in any leadership role—from directing charity events to running large companies. She will explain why it is so important to help others learn to be more flexible and adaptive during these rapidly changing times.
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