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Women In Business

Human Resources


4th Annual

January 27, 2005

Keynote Speaker

Marilyn Tang
Founder and President, Certified Handling Systems

”Stick Your Neck Out & Make a Difference for You and the World”

Recently referred to as the “Grand Dame of Women Business Owners”, Marilyn is the founder and President of Certified Handling Systems, a distributor in materials handling and storage equipment. In 1967, Marilyn found herself divorced and unemployed with a son to support. What started out in one small office, Certified Handling Systems soon grew to beyond her wildest dreams. Ms. Tang is believed to be the first woman-owned business in the United States in the industrial field of materials handling & storage equipment --- a traditionally male-dominated field. CHS now has annual sales of over 6 million. As a woman, Marilyn has overcome challenges on the way to her success, from not receiving a business loan because she didn’t have a husband to co-sign, to being shunned by professional associates. “Your price and quality is the best, but I’d just rather deal with a man!” Despite this, she has thrived professionally and become a well-respected member of the local Salt Lake Business community. Ms. Tang has received numerous honors and accolades including: Women to Watch, 30 Women Risk Takers Award, Pathfinder Award, 1 of 9 Outstanding Utah Women of the 20th Century, and Women Business Owner of the Year. She will be discussing how to have fun and be a success too! As Marilyn says, “You may have to stick your neck out to get what you want.”

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