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The Partners in Business program consists of seven seminars that are presented during the academic year. The seminars are organized to cover the major trends in business, provide an in-depth management education resource and act as a forum for business leaders and professionals, professors, and students.

Our dedicated staff of top-notch business students work throughout the year to provide corporations in the Intermountain West with high-quality educational opportunities. You will impact your business strategies and processes by applying the ideas offered by world-class business leaders and researchers.

Benefits of attending Partners in Business Seminars:

• Receive low cost, high-quality management education
• Earn CPE and CEU professional education credits
• Learn about cutting-edge ideas, innovations, and technologies
• Network with top minds of the business and academic world

Attend a Partners seminar to see why our program has been recognized by participating partners, renowned speakers, and various publications for providing Utah’s premier management education seminars.

2004-2005 Seminar Series

Operational Excellence, September 29-30, 2004
Introduces manufacturing and service management innovations and sharpens existing tools with a focus on using world-class strategies in a variety of environments, and introduces future trends in Lean manufacturing.

Accounting, October 21, 2004
Provides a wide range of information regarding principles, trends, and current practices in areas such as taxation, ethics, and activity-based accounting.

Information Technology, December 1-2 , 2004
Focuses on the dynamic world of technology and its profound effect on business operations.

Women in Business, January 27 , 2005
Offers insights into promoting and capturing this distinct market and highlights the differences between how men and women manage business relationships.

Customer Service & Marketing, February 23-24, 2005
Highlights innovative ways to obtain and retain customers and develop strategies that increase customer satisfaction.

Financial Services and Banking, March 9, 2005
Outlines future opportunities for the financial services industry with a focus on the current state of the economy, existing financial trends, and corporate financial planning.

Human Resources, March 30-March 31, 2005
Provides updates on recent changes in human resource management, including areas such as pending legislation, staffing and technology solutions, and benefits.


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