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Human Resources


25th Annual

April 16-17, 2008

Concurrent Speaker

David Boizelle, Chief Learning Officer, RSM McGladrey
Professional Development, Training and Recruiting

Human resource professionals often wonder if they are making a bottom line impact on their organizations.  Are they influencing organizational strategy?  Are they helping key leaders manage organizational change?  Are they strengthening people management practices and improving competitive advantage?  Do they have a permanent seat at the management table?

HR professionals who can answer yes to these questions are likely using HR metrics at some level to influence key decision makers and to make an organizational impact.  HR metrics provide the necessary baseline data that enables HR professionals to assess effectiveness of HR programs and people management practices.  Deliberate tracking and analysis of HR metrics enables better decision making, guides vital process improvement and encourages more cost effective people management practices.  A firm command of HR metrics also signals to management and to key leaders that the HR practitioner is results oriented and is serious about achieving a business impact.

This session will help you:

  • Understand how HR metrics can achieve business impact
  • Determine what HR metrics are most important to your organization
  • Identify next steps on where to begin or
  • Raise your current HR metrics efforts to a higher level
  • Achieve greater leadership influence within your organization


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