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24th Annual Information Technology Seminar
Februrary 27-28, 2008

Keynote Speakers

Bette M. Walker, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Delphi Corporation
Situational Leadership at Work: The Delphi Story

Extend your learning with this in-depth review of how Delphi’s information technology group is transforming itself in the midst of the major restructuring of a Fortune 100 corporation. Delphi is in an extremely competitive industry (with razor thin margins) operating in times of unprecedented economic change. In order to survive, Delphi had to undertake an aggressive business restructuring, which opened a window of opportunity for the information technology leadership to execute a massive and innovative transformation at an unprecedented pace. This presentation will help participants understand the key attributes necessary to lead change: assessing the competitive landscape, designing the strategy to fit the need, obtaining the support for driving transformation, building the team, and delivering on the commitments made.

The path chosen by Delphi IT was to move all IT costs to a managed service model, resulting in the leverage of IT value for business units while increasing the ROI on IT investments, a focus on core competencies through the separation of duties, and a drive to a new relationship with the business – from high-touch transaction processor to trusted advisor.

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