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24th Annual Information Technology Seminar
Februrary 27-28, 2008

Keynote Speakers

Jeremy Simmons, Founder and Chief Executive, ASIERUS Inc

  1. At the confluence – Best of both worlds
    1. Managed services
      1. Traditional pros and cons
    2. Virtualization
      1. Perfect fit – solves cons, enhances pros
      2. Transforms IT delivery as we know it today
  1. Virtualizaiton breakthrough: End-to-end Virtual IT
    1. The easy stuff: servers, databases
    2. The hard stuff: desktops, security, storage, network infrastructure
    3. The formerly impossible stuff: anywhere access
    4. Completing the picture: virtualized support


  1. Getting there in the real world
    1. Migration options and pointers
    2. Transforming IT – Personal strategies for IT pros
    3. A few examples
  1. Why the boss cares
    1. Compelling business benefits
    2. ROI


This presentation overviews a dramatic new breakthrough in computer virtualization: complete, or end-to-end IT virtualization. This cutting edge solution, which is now available for delivery, is covered in some depth, including each of the key components that constitute a completely virtualized environment.

 Also included is a discussion of the converging worlds of managed services and complete IT virtualization, and how they are dramatically transforming the IT department as we know it today – particularly for small and medium-size businesses. Strategies for IT professionals to maximize their opportunities in this changing environment are provided.

Participants will come away from this session with a better understanding of the latest technologies available in IT virtualization, how they will impact and benefit their companies, and how IT pros can personally ride this wave to their advantage.


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