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33rd Annual

September 19-20, 2007


Pamela Dennis, Dennis Consulting
Leadership as Told to us By the Wise and the Wacky

  • At the end of this time together you will have not a single tool or statistic or earth shattering model to take back.  You may have something to ponder about being a leader of change – about accepting that it is truly the art of walking a slack line between two poles – brilliant rationality and astounding craziness.  More specifically we will look at the “genius of the AND”  that these leaders demonstrate and about perspective--having it, knowing it, flexing it, and keeping it.   
  • We will make use of some of the “usual suspects” i.e. the corporate giants of our time, as well as some “unusual characters” to examine this leadership experience. In other words, from CEOs to the Dilberts and all of the  ‘cubicled’ leaders in a whole range of companies from emerging pharmaceutical companies  to global conglomerates and their tier one and tier two suppliers. These include those I have had the privilege of working with or knowing ‘ vicariously’ : Mr. Welch and Mr. Spock, Captain Abrashov and Captain Kirk, Ford Perfect and Henry Ford (no, I am not that old!).
  • My musing about this high wire act will be based on 30 years of consulting and working with people in their Operational Excellence and change management initiatives.  It will no doubt be true to Douglas Adams’ belief that  “You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”



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