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30th Annual

September 29-30, 2004
concurrent Speaker

Linda Hebish
Administrative Director, Corporate Kaizen Promotion Office

Douglas Grove
Administrative Director, Corporate Kaizen Promotion Office

Seeking Perfection in Healthcare: Applying the Toyota Production System to Medicine

Linda is the senior director responsible for implementing the Virginia Mason Production System throughout the Virginia Mason Medical Center overhead departments with emphasis in Revenue Cycle Management and the Supply Chain.  Linda has been with Virginia Mason since 1982 and was formerly the budget director at Virginia Mason.

Linda received her undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing her MBA. Linda was awarded the Terin Guinn Management Leadership Award at Virginia Mason and is a Certified Lean Leader.  Linda is currently a Virginia Mason Kaizen Fellow – one of 15 selected leaders from Virginia Mason completing two-year advanced training in the Toyota Production System

As Administrative Director, Doug is responsible for implementing the Virginia Mason Production System in Virginia Mason Medical Center corporate overhead departments, with emphasis in Revenue Cycle Management.

Doug joined Virginia Mason in 1998 as Director of Facilities Planning.

Doug received his professional degree in Architecture at the University of Oregon, and is a Licensed Architect in Washington and Oregon.  Doug is also a Certified Lean Leader at Virginia Mason.

Richard’s full understanding of the Toyota Production System, Lean Manufacturing, and the Theory of Constraints has enabled him to build a solid track record of optimizing ROS and ROI within an organization.  His passion for building teams, continuous improvement and leveraging the human intellect on the shop floor has enabled organizations to accomplish what at first seemed impossible whether it be integrating new technology or increasing the velocity of product flow or information through the operation.

His background in Supply Chain Management makes him comfortable working in any commodity area of manufacturing whether it be machining, metal stamping, plastic molding, printing or high speed pick and place printed circuit board assembly or wrapping them all together using a solid logistics model whether in-bound or out-bound.

Richard passion to see all organizations succeed beyond their expectations has been honored by allowing him to also be President of the Canadian Region for the AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence) and to work closely with James Womack on establishing a Lean Institute in Canada. Richard was the Co-Chair of the AME annual conference in 1998 dealing with the topic of “Simplicity” in business and in 2003 was the Conference Chair of the Largest Lean Conference ever to be hosted in the world this past fall in Toronto which attracted 2300 attendees from around the world.


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