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20th Annual Human Resources Seminar
April 2-3, 2003


Ralph Christensen

Ralph Christensen
Principal, Ralph Christensen Associates
Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources - Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Get Real! Putting Strategic HR Theory to Work

Mr. Christensen has 25 years of experience in strategic organization design and human resource management. He has a track record of successfully applying cutting-edge solutions to strategic HR issues. Mr. Christensen will discuss how management can be directly involved in the development of human resource strategy and its implementation, and how to build a world class HR program. You will leave his presentation ready to take HR to a new level.


John Campbell

John Campbell
Business Owner/HR Consultant, HR Services West, L.L.C.

HR and Organizational Change

Mr. Campbell has 25 years of human resource experience. He and his staff provide a broad range of human resource services for clients in the intermountain region. Mr. Campbell will explore why employees typically resist change, and how managers and HR personnel can help them accept it. You will leave the session understanding more about your attitude toward change and your ability to lead others through the change process.


Ted Chambley
President/Founder, InterMountain Training Associates

How to Motivate Employees

Mr. Chambley is recognized nationally for his expertise in the areas of performance management and employment law. He will focus on realistic, workable techniques that influence performance in the workplace. Mr. Chambley’s informative presentation will familiarize you with the true workplace motivators, and demotivators--some of these might come as a real surprise to you.


Jeanine Wilson

Jeanine Wilson
Director of Human Resources, Myriad Proteomics, Inc.

Human Resources in a Start-Up Organization

Ms. Wilson has worked in the human resource field for 17 years. She established an HR department for Myriad Proteomics, a biotechnology start-up. Ms. Wilson will discuss the obvious, the unusual, the critical, the annoying, and the rewarding parts of this exciting and distinctive opportunity. You will learn how to avoid the common human resource pitfalls companies experience as they grow and evolve.


Richard Sibbernsen

Richard Sibbernsen
Vice President of Human Resources, BellSouth Corporation

Closing the execution gap: Critical elements in the successful human capital playbook

Mr. Sibbernsen is responsible for the development and direction of human resource strategies, plans, programs, and corporate policies at BellSouth. He also oversees the company’s leadership and executive development, and corporate education programs. He will discuss how successful companies build and integrate their organizational capabilities to implement strategy. You will learn how the best companies align strategy and behavior with key business drivers.


James E. Street
Senior V.P. of Human Resources, Administration, and I.T. Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Former V.P. of Human Resources, Enron

Back to the Basics

Mr. Street has led the HR function at three Fortune 500 Companies including Kinder Morgan, an energy firm with 18 billion dollars in annual revenue. He will discuss how the company’s HR department aligns people practices with business strategy. You will gain an understanding of the ethical reasons why HR is reverting back to the basics.


Donald Pierce

Donald Pierce
Former President, Enable Industries, Inc.

The Overlooked Worker

Mr. Pierce has developed training and employment programs for people with disabilities for more than 100 companies. He will share his wealth of knowledge about employing disabled people who want to work. Mr. Pierce will discuss the potential benefits and costs of hiring the disabled, and tell you where to search for overlooked workers.


Jathan W. Janove

Jathan W. Janove
Attorney, Janove Baar Associates

The Seven Deadly Sins of Mismanagement

Mr. Janove’s practice focuses on defending employers in judicial proceedings, and preventing workplace claims. He will provide you with communication tools that will improve your effectiveness, and insure the validity of your decisions. Mr. Janove will explain how you can avoid common legal pitfalls and traps while creating a high level of accountability and a meaningful work environment.


Boyd L. Clarke

Boyd L. Clarke
CEO, Tom Peters Company

The Leader's Voice: How Your Communication Can Inspire Action and Get Results!

Mr. Clarke has taught leadership to corporate executives for more than two decades. Throughout his career, he has worked with many executives who fail to communicate with their employees effectively. Mr. Clarke will teach you how to overcome this communication gap. He will help you learn to align your company’s objectives with its key strategic initiatives, improve productivity, increase credibility, and boost employee morale.


Scott Baxter
Director of Global Human Resource Projects, Autoliv, Inc.

Navigating the New Centuries Challenges for Corporate HR

Mr. Baxter’s career in the human resource field began 17 years ago. His presentation will cover major transitions in the human resource arena that will define a new era. Mr. Baxter will discuss the new retirement age, and the challenge of blending international pieces into a unified global enterprise. He will teach you how to use cutting edge tools and ancient wisdom to unify your organization.

Glen McBride
Director of Research, Intermountain Health Care

Understanding the Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction

Mr. McBride guided the development of one of the nation’s most sophisticated and comprehensive patient satisfaction monitoring systems for IHC. He also developed the health care provider’s employee satisfaction survey, and analyzed the relationship between patient and employee satisfaction. Mr. McBride will discuss what IHC has learned from its extensive research project, and explain how you can help your employees improve customer satisfaction.


John Milatzo
Director of Research, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The Future Workplace

Mr. Milatzo is responsible for directing SHRM’s research activities. He also oversees SHRM’s Survey Research program, the Workplace Trends and Forecasting program, and the Diversity Management program. Mr. Milatzo will focus on changes in demographics and how increased technology use will alter the nature of work. You will learn how shifting demographics, technology, and globalization will alter both the workforce and the workplace.


Mark J. Heacox
Manufacturing Director, Ohio Operations, Delphi Packard Electric Systems

Human Resources' Lean Role at Delphi

Mr. Heacox has 23 years experience in manufacturing and engineering. He is currently the director of Ohio Operations for Delphi Packard Electric Systems. His responsibilities include transforming Delphi’s 11 manufacturing plants in Warren, Ohio into Lean operations. Prior to accepting this position, he served as Operations Manager, overseeing all of Delphi’s operations in Brazil. Mr. Heacox will discuss the role human resources is playing in Delphi’s Lean journey. He will focus on how human resources supports Lean manufacturing in Delphi’s plants and the product value stream. He will also discuss the use and application of Lean in human resources and the services his department provides to the Delphi organization.


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SHRM, Salt Lake Chapter
SHRM, Utah State University Chapter
Ogden Business Information Center
International Personnel Management Association (IPMA)
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