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Nigel Adams, Vice President of Customer Service
JetBlue Airways

The Culture of Delight

Before joining JetBlue Airways as vice president of customer service in May of 2002, Nigel had over two decades of experience in key leadership roles with both Piedmont Airlines and US Airways. In his last position at US Airways, he was the vice-president responsible for in-flight services.

He also managed several operational divisions for the airline. In his role as director of dining and cabin services, Nigel was responsible for the worldwide operation of US Air’s onboard services and products. As director of operations control and planning, he was in charge of the carrier’s operations control center located in Pittsburgh. His daily responsibilities included maintaining the operational integrity of 2,200 worldwide flights. And, in Charlotte, the carrier’s largest hub, Nigel managed 1,500 employees and 500 flights daily.

Nigel earned a bachelor’s degree in management from Marshall University. He is currently active in many public service organizations.

He will discuss how JetBlue Airways has managed to succeed as a start up carrier in an industry racked by economic and service turmoil. Nigel will focus on JetBlue’s ability to delight both crew members and customers, and explain how the carrier has responded to competitive pressure, customer demand, and other challenges while attaining a leadership role in the industry during uncertain times.
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