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Joyce LaValle
Senior VP of Human Services
Interface Americas

A Collective Calling: Cultivating a Culture of 'Doing Well by Doing Good'

Joyce is both a veteran in the commercial interiors industry, and an advocate for environmental sustainability. She is responsible for Interface Americas’ communications activities, division identity, internal branding, and human resources programs.

Joyce has been with Interface Americas for over two decades. She has worn many organizational hats including serving as president and chief executive officer of Prince Street Technologies, a broadloom carpet manufacturing division. In that role, she was the driving force behind a comprehensive revitalization of the division’s identity, styling, and design. Joyce also served as the vice president of the Pacific South region for Interface Flooring Systems. Her responsibilities included managing the sales and marketing for a five-state region. Additionally, Joyce has served as Interface Americas’ chief innovations officer managing both the marketing functions and global sales alliances.

She is an active member in several industry organizations and she serves on both the FIDER and IFMA boards. Joyce is also a founding member of the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future, and she frequently speaks on the corporation’s sustainability programs.

Joyce will explain how an impassioned speech Ray Anderson, the chairman and CEO of Interface, Inc., made laid the groundwork for a forward thinking environmental vision. His ideas created a tidal wave of change within the company, and the industry. Anderson provided the company’s associates with a new goal. He wanted Interface to become a restorative enterprise—one that returns more to the earth than it consumes during manufacturing processes. The sustainability quest, mandated in 1994, still dominates the company's culture. Joyce will explain how Interface makes products in a way that is sensitive to environmental concerns and future generations. She will outline the company’s plans to achieve sustainability by 2020.
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